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Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty For the last couple of years, Black superheroes have been brought to the forefront like they’ve never been before. Obviously, a little blockbuster called Black Panther sparked dance challenges, massive sales and robust debates about Black culture. But with shows like Black Lightning on The CW, the TV world is also exploring what it…

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M ST. Mondays with @Adding_Influence

Photo from kickrocs.com
Photo from kickrocs.com


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Georgetown is known for many things but HipHop isn’t one of them. However, @addinginfluence is going to change that with @MSTREETMONDAY from 6pm-9pm at @spzn. Now, I know what you’re thinking because I was thinking the same thing. Just how, are they going to pull this off inside of a sneaker store? Well, SportsZone like every other store in Georgetown is a converted row house, which creates a very hip and distinct venue.


I must admit I did arrive late due to parking. Nevertheless, I must say once I entered the venue, the mix-gender crowd was engaged with the artist and not scattered amongst themselves like at other events. The featured clothing line was that of @Good_Life_U, also known as, Good Life University Clothing Line. If you are not familiar with the line, then log on to goodlifeuniversity.com and check them out!


The 1st performance I caught was Fly Rebel Society.  The number of members put me in the mind of the Wu Tang Clan.  @flyrebelsociety had a dynamic stage presence and even had me chanting #SkiesAintSafe. The lovely @mila_shellfixit transitioned very well with her witty sense of humor and perfect timing. Newly, signed artist Popp Culture, (@IamPopCulture), was truly a breath of fresh air lyric for lyric. After his performance, @adding_influence took a break from filming the event to remind the audience to network because you never know who is in the building! The featured artist closed out the performances.

I was able to chat with @adding_influence, wanna here it? Here it goes…


Mz. UndaStood: What’s the concept behind #MStreetMondays?

Adding_Influence: There’s a lot of talented artists in the area that doesn’t have a fan base or push. Therefore, we are giving them that platform and at the same time create a positive environment.

Mz.UndaStood: What does Adding Influence mean and who are some of your musical influences?

Adding_Influence: I wanted everything to be positive because a lot of music videos focus on the negative subliminal. Positive influence was taken but the positive sign is a + sign so I put adding influence. My mother has been my biggest influence. She is the strongest person that I know. However, professional influence would be Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and 2Pac.

Mz. UndaStood: In what way is @mstreetmonday apart from other shows?

Adding_Influence: Every aspect of the game is incorporated into this event. Some of our past partners were Keith & Sons’s Soul Food Café, Renee Cabactnoch, and Good Life University as you see tonight. Some of our future partners will include online radio shows, more local business and magazines such as SNS Nightlife. But, most importantly we cross promote each other which is a benefit for everyone. I love helping anyone involved in the DMV cuz im from here.

Mz. UndaStood: How can an artist sign-up for this event?

Adding_Influence: If anyone would like to be involved in #MStreetMondays from artist to clothing lines they should email mstreetmondays@gmail.com with their soundcloud and social media info. #TheTrueKittyOfTheCity @purrkitty finished out hosting while the #JaneOfAllTrades held down the bar and @DJMIMDC took of the sound. The show ended on a positive note; @WillWrap4FoodInc closed out the show to explain the importance of self-responsibility opposed to complaining about what’s wrong.


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