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5 Blackity Black Issues ‘Black Lightning’ Brings To The Superhero World — Global Grind

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty For the last couple of years, Black superheroes have been brought to the forefront like they’ve never been before. Obviously, a little blockbuster called Black Panther sparked dance challenges, massive sales and robust debates about Black culture. But with shows like Black Lightning on The CW, the TV world is also exploring what it…

via 5 Blackity Black Issues ‘Black Lightning’ Brings To The Superhero World — Global Grind

Cut It Out – D. Square (A Tribute to all the Victims of Police Brutality)




In order for our people to truly defeat#whitesupremacy and replace it with a system of#Justice, where everyone is treated equally, it is imperative that we permanently call out & purge ALL#Coons from the movement.

{NOTE} #Coon refers to black entertainers who perform and/or take roles that portrays black people in stereotypical ways to the detriment of the black community, usually for monetary gain, but not always.

They ALL collectively play a part in #TrayvonMartin,#MichaelBrown#TamirRice#SandraBland,#OscarGrant#MarioWoods#AndyLopez,#AlexNietto, and countless other brothers & sisters of colors death because they FACILITATE in conditioning the masses of people that WE young brothers & sisters of color are nothing more than pimps, thugs, thieves, drug dealers, and gangsters who not only don’t respect woman, but call OUR woman B’s & Ho’s.

So, now when a 13yr old boy gets his life snuffed out in less than 2 seconds of an officers arrival (Tamir Rice) or when a brother is choked out (in an illegal police choke-hold) for the entire world to see on CAMERA dies (Eric Garner), and the officer who killed him walks free…the masses of the people essentially turn a “blind-eye” to it simply because they have been CONDITIONED by #Coon entertainers that we young brothers & sisters are threats and/or less than.

All I got to say is..


“Cut it out” by: Damion Square

Produced by: David Baldini
Directed by: Damion Square
Edited by: Nick Blancett
Song Mixed by: Edgar Avila

*This video was shot in Andy Lopez Park. The site where 13yr old Andy Lopez was gunned down by officer Eric Gelhaus as he walked home from a friends house. ~Rest. In. Power~

#cutit #cutitout #cutitoutorelse
#enoughisenough #Coon #FTP
#justice4andylopez #justice4oscargrant
#justice4sandrabland #justice4tamirrice
#blackandbrown #daretoshare