Free Alabama Movement (FAM): Kinetik Justice under attack; protect him now!

Moorbey'z Blog

Today Swift Justice received information that Kinetik Justice (Robert Earl Council), co-founder of the Free Alabama Movement, was assaulted by two correctional officers at Limestone Correctional Facility last week. Swift Justice asked us to pass these words along:

“I know it’s been a while since I have addressed the many issues that transpire throughout the prison systems. The problems we have are not isolated problems; they are nationwide, and they are issues of humanity.

“But today after I found out what happened to my brother Kinetik, it saddens me because I knew this would take place. I should have called on all the soldiers in Queens before now. I accept responsibility and I hold myself accountable for my lethargic ways.

“I ask that all who consider yourselves a friend, supporter or member of this movement here in Alabama and across the nation to prepare to go to war on the…

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