Three Black Power Organizations in South Dallas Joined Forces to Defend a Nation of Islam Mosque from White Supremacists (fr Atlanta Black Star)


Three Black Power organizations joined forces in anticipation of the group’s arrival at the South Dallas area Nation of Islam mosque. The Huey P. Newton Gun Club, New Black Panther Party and The Nation of Islam were armed and ready to defend worshipers.

After the shooting death of Ferguson, Missouri teenager Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson, the Huey. P. Newton Gun Club was founded to promote Black second amendment rights and gun ownership. In 1989, the New Black Panther Party was founded out of the ashes of the 1960s movement. The most famous group, the Nation of Islam, has been around for decades and was founded by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the 1930s and is now led by Rev. Louis Farrakhan.

According to local news outlet Fox 4, the anti-Muslim group was outnumbered by the conjoined forces of the three Black empowerment groups.

“This is an armed defense maneuver, making sure that our communities are safe and secure from any insurgents coming in,” Krystal Muhammad of the New Black Panther Party told Fox4 Saturday.

Muhammad was armed with a large shotgun.

“We won’t allow anybody to come in and try to intimidate our brothers and sisters,” she said.

In a now deleted Facebook post, BAIR revealed their anti-Muslim rhetoric to the public. The post informs members to come prepared in full gear.

The anti-Muslim hate group has been at various protests around the state, confronting Muslims as they worship. Last year, the groupharassed Muslims at the Islamic Association of North Texas and walked around with army gear and guns. This year the same group harassed arriving refugees at an event in Irving, Texas.

However, this past weekend, the BAIR group retreated after police came in to dissolve the powder keg.

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