A Timeline of African Resistance and Insurgence with Ngoyi Folayan

Photocopied from Facebook,


Join us for a live stream & international phone conference!!! Every Wednesday, 6:45-8:30pm PDT; 8:45-1030pm CST; 9:45-11:30pmEST.


This week, September 28, we will be studying the history of African Resistance, Insurgency, Revolution, and the importance of Cadres.


The objective of this class is to primarily illustrate a timeline of African resistance & insurgency, to show there has never been a time where African people did not resist European invasion & occupation in Africa or our colonial enslavement throughout the rest of the world. Every act of resistance deepens the crisis of imperialism, this is how we know WE ARE WINNING!!! Secondly, I want to stress the importance of having Cadres in revolutionary work. I will read from a Che Guevara speech titled, “The Cadres: Backbone of the Revolution.”



Ernesto Che Guevara

Spoken: September, 1962

Published: Cuba Socialista



If you’d like to join via conference, the call in number/pin is:

USA- (641) 715-0700; 872424


Sweden- +46 8 124 109 54

Nigeria- +234 1 440 5021

Kenya- +254 20 5293273

South Africa- +27 87 825 0154


If you’re in a country other than those listed & would like to call-in please comment, and I’ll get you the number. UHURU!!!


Forward the REVOLUTION!!!❤️✊🏾🌳


#JoinINPDUM http://www.inpdum.org

#JoinAPSP http://www.joinapsp.org

#OmaliTaughtMe #UHURU #AfricanInternationalism


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