Black Women: Stop Caping for Gay Men

Nahimana's Labyrinth

In an older post, I addressed what leads to dissexual behavior and since I do believe it serves as a precursor to this post, I advise checking it out before reading this post (Read here Molestation in Black Communities).

This topic is something that has been plaguing the Black community and unfortunately, it has gone unchecked by most. I do appreciate the efforts of the very few who have addressed. Check out internet personality Kat Blaque’s very informational video here: Gay Men & Misogyny. I love the fact that it was checked by a transgender person because that shows even more that it’s an issue everyone sees and remains silent on.

Black women need to stop caping for the LGBT community (gay men in particular). Why is it that we support things which are not in our best interests? Those things which seek to replace and further oppress us

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