Supa Bwe- Hella Lightning/Hella Swords (Prod. by Supa Bwe)

In 2015, hip-hop collective Hurt Everybody has been making waves. The group which consists of Supa Bwe, Carl, and Mulatto Beats is doing so well that they recently had their video for 2K47 premiered on Complex. Supa Bwe specifically seem to always be in the studio working on something, which is why he is one of the artist I have a lot of respect for right now. Supa’s voice, his intriguing flows, and subject matter all contribute to the magic that makes him one of Chicago’s brightest up-and-comers. So as a nod to the success that Supa (and Hurt Everybody) is headed for, I decided to post one of the most unique tracks he was involved with.

“Hella Lightning/Hella Swords” is one of the most memorable songs I have ever heard in general. The first half of the song heavily features a sample of the iPhone ringtone that meshes…

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