AMBER ROSE Organizes The #AmberRoseSlutWalk


It’s a law of power (that I’ll sum up in my own words):

To alleviate shame-do more of the same.

And well Amber Rose is on a crusade riding to waves of it all.


Now as you know, a couple weeks ago while Amber was away on vacay, after a radio interview Kanye did where he “slut shamed” MuvaRose (by saying he had to take 30 showers after Amber to get Kim), surprisingly, Amber took it all in stride (and most probably adhered to that trump tight confidentiality agreement that even post-Kanye; has no expiry date)—and instead: she turned the other…cheek (literally) and is showing her a&& when she can-where she can.


The diss certainly didn’t go dismissed when soon after Kanye, her own baby daddy:  rapper Wiz Khalifa has been on his own crusade publicly sneak dissing Rose as well.

That’s okay though, because Amber is adhering to every…

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