TUNE IN: Comedians Brandon Broady & Vince Swann Lead BET’s New Show “The Xperiment”

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BET’s highly anticipated new viral variety show “The Xperiment” makes its big debut tonight and we have to admit, we’re pretty excited to see what funny, unscripted moments the show has in-store.

Led by rising stand-up comedian, Brandon Broady, “The Xperiment” will showcase celebrity guests, buzz-worthy viral clips on the rise, sketches, man on the street segments, viewer participation, music and more. 

Comic Vince Swann will act as “The Xperiment’s” in-house xperiment extra — keeping us informed on trending topics. Think Twitter and Instagram magnified. Swann will also keep us up-to-date on the latest technology, gadgets, music, movies, TV, clothing, and everything in between. 

But don’t take our word for it. Peep the trailer (above) and tune in to BET, tonight, Monday 2 at 5pm when the comedy series premieres.

SOURCE: Hello Beautiful

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