ZOE KRAVITZ Blessed The Cover and Pages of OCEAN DRIVE Magazine – Talks Her Movie Projects, Her Famous Mom & Dad, Fame, Her Band LOLA WOLF and Ideal Dating Prerequisite


With beauty oozing off the page screaming like a marquee: “Yes, my mom and dad were in love when I was conceived,” save the “girl I’ll drink your bathwater” pickup line and instead, pick up television and rock royalty’s heir-Zoe Kravitz-blessing the cover and pages of Ocean Drive magazine in all [the typically Bohemian chic] star’s sexy splendor!


If you didn’t get a glimpse (or enough of) Zoe and her forever gorgeous mom Lisa Bonet on the post Oscars Vanity Fair Party carpet, I’ll go on and fix what you missed.

We see, but don’t often hear from Zoe, so enjoy reading a little more about what she’s been up to and what projects she has coming up and out:

On creating and loving it even before she realized who her parents were to the rest of the world:

“It’s always what I’ve done, before I even had a real…

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