Suge Knight Rushed Out of Court In Ambulance After Taunting By Inmates

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Former hip-hop mogul Marion ?Suge? Knight (pictured) was transported via ambulance on Thursday from a Los Angeles courthouse to a nearby hospital for an alleged stomach issue, according to the New York Daily News. Before that drama unfolded, the newspaper reports that this took place:

?Suge got on the bus from jail and people started taunting him, calling him names,? the source said after Knight was taken away by ambulance?.

?The problem with Suge is he has claimed he was in a gang, which causes problems. And then the guy he allegedly killed was really popular in Compton. So he gets on the bus, and they?re yelling at him, threatening him, calling him names,? the source said.

?He was taken off for a perceived security risk. They brought him in a separate vehicle,? the source said.

Knight then ?suffered some medical condition,? the judge confirmed Thursday in open court.

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