Dubai’s ‘The Torch’ skyscraper goes up in flames; amazingly, no one injured (VIDEOS)

Q13 FOX News

Photos by @RaMiAlGaDi Photos by @RaMiAlGaDi

(CNN) — A fire broke out early Saturday at a luxury apartment skyscraper in Dubai, engulfing several floors on at least three sides of the iconic Torch building and spewing flaming debris to the ground.

There were no deaths or injuries, and the fire was out three hours after it began, the Dubai Civil Defense said.

The cause was not known, the Dubai Civil Defense said.

The fire started at 2 a.m. (5 p.m. ET Friday), when many people were out and enjoying the nightlife in unseasonably warm temperatures, witness Leah Polonenko said.

She shot video of the fire that showed flaming debris spilling from the 79-story building shortly after the fire started.

The fire appeared to start around the 50th floor, but then strong winds blew the burning debris around to lower floors on other sides, witnesses said.

At least four nearby buildings were evacuated as…

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