Georgia Deputy Fired After Handcuffing 12-Year-Old To Pole, Then Beating And Tasering Him

Black America Web

Alton Walter (pictured), a Richmond County Georgia Sheriff’s deputy is facing felony charges of false imprisonmnt and cruelty to children in the first degree for allegedly handcuffing a 12-year-old boy to a pole, then beating and tasering him, reports WRDW News.

The child’s mother, who has not been identified, reportedly called upon her friend Walter to speak to her son about his unruly behavior.  According to WRDW, the deputy, who was off-duty, went to the woman’s home when she was not present and reportedly took it upon himself to physically discipline the child.  While at the home, Walters allegedly handcuffed the child to a basketball goal, slapped the boy across his face several times, punched him in the stomach and tasered him.

A neighbor, who claimed to have witnessed Walters abusing the crying boy when he peeped over his fence summoned authorities.  The unidentified man also told authorities he also saw Walters using…

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