Pennsylvania Teen Kills Classmate & Poses With Body On Snapchat (DETAILS)

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A high school football player has been arrested after he shot his classmate in the face and posted with the teen’s lifeless body on Snapchat.

The shooting took place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last week, when Maxwell Marion Morton (above) shot 16-year-old Ryan Mangan in the Jeanette area. Mangan was found by his mother in their home on Friday. A motive hasn’t been uncovered, but Morton posed with the body after the shooting and sent it to several of their mutual friends via Snapchat. The photo also had Maxwell’s name written in bold letters.

Another teen came forward with a text message from Morton about the killing. According to the Huffington Post:

The criminal complaint also says that the mother of a third boy says her son received a Snap Chat photo from Morton, which shows Morton in the photo with the victim after he had been shot in the face. Police also say…

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