Missy Elliott Expresses Gratitude For Super Bowl Comeback: ‘I’m So Humbled’ & Shares Thoughts On Bobbi Kristina & How Music’s Changed

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It?s been Throwback Thursday everyday since Missy Elliott snatched our edges during her performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Katy Perry. We?ve always loved our girl Missy! But it?s been ten years since her last album The Cookbook, and her constant flow of party jams and innovative production (and videos) have been missed! Yesterday, she called into the radio show Sway In The Morning to express her gratitude at the elated reception she?s received from fans, and the press, and had a chance to share her thoughts on Bobbi Kristina.

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Sway didn?t ask the 5-time Grammy winner too many questions, and instead let Missy explain in her own words show she ended up at the Halftime Show and what?s else has been new with her. Here are the tidbits!

On rehearsals…

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