bobbi kristina and nick gordonObviously with such a tragic irony of a situation having happened with the daughter of the late Whitney Houston [having fallen victim to the being found unconscious in the tub as did her famous mother], although Bobbi Kristina, 21, is still living as of right now, history is repeating itself in more ways than both ladies’ drowning [so it is rumored].

BOBBI KRISTINA AND NICK GORDON OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME_Photo Credit_ Kristina Bumphrey_StarTraksJust as Bobbi Kristina’s dad Bobby Brown, was pushed away from Whitney when she had her accident-up to and including her funeral even, it is rumored that Bobbi Kristina’s husband Nick Gordon, 25, has a restraining order in place on him as well-keeping him away from Bobbi Kristina while she fights for her life.

As well, rumors are surfacing that the guy (Maxwell Byron Lomas, 24)  who, along with Gordon-found Bobbi Kristina unconscious was busted in January for possession of marijuana and Xanax with the attempt to sell…

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