Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Could Become A Rehab Center For Sexually Abused Kids?

Black America Web

The famed Neverland ranch that was owned by mega entertainer Michael Jackson could become a rehabilitation center for children who have been sexually abused, according to the New York Post.

Jackson owned the sprawling 2,800 acre property for eleven years until shortly before his untimely death back in 2009.  The Los Olivos, California estate became a fairytale land of sorts where Jackson resided with the late Bubbles the chimpanzee, exotic animals, a two-story arcade, amusement park rides, a candy shop and private railway.

Jackson left Neverland in 2005 amid sexual molestation charges following a very public trial.  Jackson felt that his private sanctuary had been violated by authorities, as they ransacked the estate looking for proof of any sexual deviance involving the pop singer at the home.

By the time 2008 rolled around, Jackson was reportedly deep in debt and the famous Neverland was purchased by the private investment…

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