WINNING WOMEN: Serena Williams Wins 19th Grand Slam

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Australian Open 2015 - Women's Champion Photocall

After winning her first Grand Slam 15 years ago, Serena Williams just claimed her 19th Grand Slam in her thirties. The Winning Woman spoke on what pushes her towards greatness.

“Before I just had a dream and a racket and two wonderful parents who supported me. A part of me thinks, ‘Wow, I really have a chance to create history,’ and a part of me thinks, ‘Wow, I’ve done so much. This is amazing.’ I just try to look at both sides of it.”

Serena also talked about beating the record of 22 Grand Slams made by Steffi Graf’. She is not that far behind and according to Serena “I feel like I’m doing everything better,” Williams told Evert in an interview on ESPN. “My mom told me at 30 that these are my best years. I’m serving better, I’m hitting the ball better. Thirty is the new 20, I guess.”


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