WHAT’S HAPPENING IN HIP-POP: Anthony Mackie Says Women’s Role Is To “Make Daddy A Sandwich,” Stephen Collins’ Divorce Settlement, & More!

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Anthony Mackie has definitely been raising eyebrows across America this past week, and now, he’s done it again via an interview on The Wendy Williams Show.

The Captain America star recently made an appearance on the show and Wendy brought up the topic of gender roles, saying “I do believe that if he wants a sandwich…” Anthony jumps in and finishes her sentence with: “You make Daddy a sandwich!”

After hearing the audience’s disapproving reaction, he explains:

“No! Let me ask you this. If me and you are out, and somebody says something slick to you, you want me to smack him in his mouth, right? [What if] if I take you on a date, and I say, ‘Look baby, we gonna go dutch?’” asks Mackie. Williams says, “No!” Mackie continues, “Exactly! If we’re walking up to the car, and I don’t open your…

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