Walshy Fire Presents … Kelissa & Keznamdi – Live For Today

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K & K

Two of Jamaica’s reggaelutionists and one of dancehall’s futurists have cleverly combined efforts. Naturally demonstrating an image of unity, of oneness–the combination of woman and man, brother and sister reggae singers–Kelissa and Keznamdi have double teamed in aspiration, sometimes in performance and now they share a song.

In one very impressive effort, Kelissa and Keznamdi have collaborated with renowned selector Walshy Fire of Major Lazer fame on a track produced by Walshy Fire himself. Live For Today shows off Kelissa’s songbird skills, exposes Keznamdi’s lyrical vesatility and gives us an ‘easy-does-it’ vibe from Walshy.

What’s impressive about Live For Today is how the hypest man on a stage managed to produce music with such a mellow, shoegaze feel. And not only is the beach-chill style track impressive, but also how easily the vocal stylings of Kelissa and Keznamdi lay over the music, maintaining a sound that remains true to the reggae genre…

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