Watch Spike Lee’s New Movie Before It Hits Theaters Next Month

The Urban Daily


Back in 2013, Spike Lee made waves for taking to Kickstarter, a platform usually reserved for unknown and fledging ideas or projects, to fund his latest movie, Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus. In December of last year, Spike released a jarring trailer for the movie, which is an adaptation of a 1973 blaxpoitation film called Ganja and Hess, and has now just announced that his latest “joint” is available to stream and buy on Vimeo ahead of the theatrical release.

The trailer for Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus originally announced that the movie would unconventionally hit theaters and iTunes on the same day in February. Testing the waters on a new distribution rollout to match the novel funding platform he used, the romance-fueled horror comedy flick is now available to stream via Vimeo (if you’re in Canada, the United States, or Puerto Rico) for $9.99. Fans can also purchase a…

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