Chinese man waked up from one-year coma after smelling cash


Condition Change: Man Comes Out of Coma for Smell of MoneyNext Shark: 

While money isn’t everything, it can and does save lives … and in ways you would never expect.

In a story out of China, a man named Xiao Li who had been in a coma for over a year suddenly awakened after getting a whiff of cash that a nurse waved under his nose. According to the Central European News, one sniff of a 100 rmb bill (roughly $16) was all it took to wake the man up.

Chief medic Dr. Liu Tang told CEN:

“It was extraordinary. I’ve never seen anything like it in 20 years as a doctor.”

Li was a hardworking man that fell into a coma in August, 2013 after spending nearly a week without any sleep at an internet cafe researching business ideas.

Doctors spent months trying to figure out a way to wake Li up, but were unsuccessful. That is, until…

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