Introducing the Next Lupe Fiasco – SkyBlew Is in Our Unsigned Artist Spotlight

Positive hip hop, radio ready, no cursing, creative, thought-provoking…
With a description like that, a name like SkyBlew does not sound too far fetched.  After all, everything we seem to need, fresh air, heat, and water all come from the sky so why not an inspirational voice in hip hop?
Not exactly new to the game either, SkyBlew is building his rep and has opened for many local and national acts including:  Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, Flobots, Watsky, Slick Rick, Slum Village, Chris Webby, The Cool Kids, Jedi Mind Tricks, Grieves, Aer, Wax, Yonas, Kooley High & more.   He has also been featured on top prestigious hip hop sites such as: 2DopeBoyz and DJ Booth & now SNS is proud to feature him here.
Following the narrative “I Don’t Rap, I Paint The Sky, Blew!!!”   He’s the coolest nerd, you ever heard!
Here is the link to his recently released free debut album “Window Seat On That Midnight Train” which proves to be his best work by anyone who listens to it.   The album has already gained highly notable recognition.
Also, here are a few of his music videos

To catch new drops that never make the radio, go to the HOME PAGE and Follow this Blog!


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