Let Her Take A Selfie: Here Are Birthday Girl Lindsay Lohan’s 28 Best Selfie Moments (PHOTOS)

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lindsay lohan instagram

Even throughout all the ups and downs, Lindsay Lohan will always have a spot in our hearts as one of America’s sweethearts.

After all, we basically grew up together.

She was there for us in The Parent Trap when our parents wouldn’t let us watch anything that wasn’t rated G.

parent trap

And when we were teenagers who hated our parents for no reason in Freaky Friday.

freaky friday

When we were still trying to find ourselves in high school, as Cady in Mean Girls:

Private Screening Of "Mean Girls"

And even when we wanted to break out of our shells and do a little partying.


After a few rough patches, and with a little help from her new pal Oprah, Lindsay is hopefully on the right track again.

She seems to be, judging by her casting in her stage debut in Speed-the-Plow by David Mamet this fall in London.

But no matter what, Lindsay has recently…

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